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Ten Top Tips for you wait for more in upcoming issues...

  • Triangular, Pentagonal, Polygonal and Odd Shaped plots should be avoided as far as possible.
  • Paintings, Murals, Wall Hangings etc. in a house should be aesthetically pleasing and bring pleasure to the visitor as well as the persons living in the house. Cultural aspects should also be borne in mind while selecting decorative pieces, paintings and pictures.
  • Big spreading trees and tall trees should not be planted in the east, north and northeast of the building. These may obstruct the sunrays in the morning. Such trees can be planted in the south and west.
  • The Prayer Room and Meditation Room are recommended to be in the northeast corner of the house.
  • Deity or image of God or Guru should not face the south direction. Best positions are east or west while praying.
  • Staircase should be erected in the northeast portion of the building.
  • Columns in a building should not be of odd numbers.
  • Study room is best located in the west of the house.
  • Sales and Reception desks should be erected in such a way that the salesmen face either East or North and the customers face West or South.
  • Kitchen can be in the North -West or South-East corner of the house.

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